Corocoro is a body artists and artisans dedicated to making social impact through their works. Many Fires. Advancing social causes has been at the center of all of Corocoro’s endeavors.

To name a few initiatives Corocoro actively supports are: Indigenous Rights; Family Violence Prevention; Rainforest Conservation; Deaf Rights; Substance Abuse Rehabilitation and Special Education. Calling people to action through art is first nature to Corocoro, because that is what it believes artists do. Birds fly. Fish swim. Artists move people.

As an international trader, Corocoro has made Fair Trade its guiding principle. To practice fair trade, it is necessary to recognize that both artists and artisans often live painfully disparate economic realities than to that of the business retailer.

As such, Corocoro practices transparency enabling suppliers to make informed decisions in determining fairness. It is also necessary to assure that the smaller the distance between the artist and the consumer the better for all.

Corocoro has never acquired its goods from a wholesaler and never will. Each item, has a birthplace and birthparent that are not only recognized but celebrated for their art.

White horse in front of Corocoro Art store.

Cultural Authenticity is paramount. There is no place for cultural misrepresentation, cultural replication or cultural piracy in the world envisioned by Corocoro’s founder. Authenticity is how Corocoro sets itself apart.

Cultural Misappropriation is non-existent, for all articles are meant to be worn proudly by supporters of indigenous and artisanal Latin American culture.

The practice of Social Conscientiousness, Fair Trade and Cultural Authenticity are Corocoro’s distinguishing characteristics. These are its guiding values. Together they are Corocoro’s rare art form.

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