Carmen Miranda y el Legado del United Fruit Company (Carmen Miranda and the Legacy of the United Fruit Company) – Proof


  Medium: Proof Size: 16" W x 23" L

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16" W x 23" L


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Raúl Peláez-Prada

Artisan: Raúl Peláez-Prada

Raúl Peláez-Prada Art Works

Latin American Social-Aesthetics is the term Raúl Peláez-Prada uses in describing his works. The appreciation of beauty serves as a vessel to explore society, and its surroundings. “El Amor entra por los ojos (“People take love in through their eyes”).

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Artists Prints and Proofs

Prints: Reproductions on Enhanced Matte Paper and Certificate of Authenticity (Mailed Separately)

Enhanced Matte Paper: Enhanced Matter Paper is the ideal choice for Art Prints. This bright white paper is perfect for images that do not require gloss. It yields highly saturated images while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

Artist Registered Proofs:
Corocoro’s Artist Proofs are singular in that they are: Limited Series Gallery-Quality Giclée works, Signed by the Artist, Accompanied by Registered Certificate of Authenticity, Artist Biography and Artist’s Holographic Reflections about the specific work and process.

Giclée Works: Giclée prints deliver a vivid image with maximum color accuracy and exceptional resolution. The standard for museums and galleries around the world, giclée is a printing process where millions of ink droplets are “sprayed” onto high-quality paper. With the great degree of detail and smooth transitions of color gradients, giclée prints appear much more realistic than other reproduction prints. The high-quality paper (235 gsm) is acid free with a smooth surface and produced using environmentally-sound process.