Corocoro Jeyuu Wopu (Ant Trail) Wayúu Bag


Hand-Made Bucket Style Materials are 100% Cotton Body and Shoulder Strap Single Strand Crochet Body (i.e. One complete piece) Body Basin Approx. 11in (28cm) Long and 10 in (25cm) Wide. Hand-Loomed Strap. Strap Drop 20in (51cm). Strap Width Approx. 3in (8cm) Wide Drawstring Enclosure with Tassels
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Conchita Ospina

Artisan: Conchita Ospina

Tribe: Wayúu

Origin: La Guajira, Colombia

This authentic work, typifies the artistry of the Wayúu people. Its tight single-strand crochet work ensures durability, authenticity and hand-crafted quality. It takes a veteran artisan between 15 to 20 days to complete a single piece. Its hand-loomed strap is executed with utmost attention to detail.

Each piece’s patterns are one of a kind; never duplicated. That characteristic makes Corocoro’s collection of Wayúu bags superior in quality. Moreover, the uniqueness of each piece protects the intellectual work of Wayúu artisans.

Wayúu Art Works

The Wayúu peoples of Colombia and Venezuela’s Guajira peninsula stand unparalleled in the artistry of hand woven accessories and décor. As stewards of the ancient weaving traditions of their ancestors, the Carib and Arawak peoples, the Wayúu have brought the richness of their past into our present.

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