Cuerno Vermehlio-Guaira


Goat Fleece and Steer Horn Hand-Made 100% Leather shoulder bag. Body Length 20in (50cm) Length. Body Opening12in (30.5cm). Body Width at base extends to17in (43cm). Double Shoulder Strap Strap Drop 11in (28 cm). Sits on shoulder with a hanging or vertical length of 10.5in (26.6cm). Single flap Aprox. 11.5in (29cm) Long and 10in (25.4cm) Wide. Bolo Style Fastener Steer Horn fastener and ornament. Inner document pocket 9in (23cm) Long and 11.5in (29cm) Wide.
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John Murcia

Artisan: John Murcia

Tribe: Güaira

Origin: Cundinamarca, Colombia

This work exemplifies the extreme attention to detail and creativity of Corocoro’s Guaira Collection of purses, handbags and shoulder bags. Material is humanely sourced 100% leather. Each piece is a hand-made one of a kind. This protects the intellectual property of the artisan and ensures its authenticity.

Güaira Leather Art Works

John Murcia is a leather craftsman of unparalleled skill. His collection of leather goods are inspired by nature, tradition, and the seemingly mundane which he expertly converts into magic. Readily recognizable due to its unique style, his works are coveted by the most keen-eyed connoisseurs of fashion accessories. He has a penchant for blending the traditional and the innovative to yield a timeless work.

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