Ocama Cascada Enacu (Beaded Choker)


Neck Circumference – Adjustable to 2 sizes 14 (35.5cm) to 15in (38cm). Width/Breadth – At neckline and surrounding 3in (7.6cm). Vertical Breadth – At neckline 8in (20.3cm).

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Weight 0.25 lbs


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Rosa Arsama

Artisan: Rosa Arsama

Tribe: Embera-Chamí

Origin: Ecuador

Embera Tribal Art Works

Unequaled in the craft of beaded work, the Embera command respect and evoke admiration from even the most experienced of artisans. From Colombia and Panama, the Embera are as multifaceted as their works and designs. There are Embera communities, that are coastal and as a result their works reflect the life of the sea and their relationship with it. There are Embera that populate the rainforests, who infuse their craft with the colors and designs that celebrate the flora and fauna that surround them.

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