Toto (Pre-Colombian Earring)


Length – 0.25in (0.64cm) Width – 0.25in (0.64cm) Depth – 0.25in (0.64cm) Materials: Bronze Gold Plating – 24karat Nickel Free
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Weight 0.00625 lbs


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Artisan: Ruth Martinez

Origin: Colombia

Pre-Colombian Jewelry

These pieces are reproductions of actual archeological finds, originating from cultures that inhabited and dominated in South America. Among these are the Chibcha People, an empire that reigned from 800 B.C. to 1,600 B.C. Among their principal economic staples was gold. As, a result, their skill in gold-works is unparalleled in South America. Throughout South America and the World, many of the originals, from which these pieces are reproduced, can be found in heritage museums celebrating ancient indigenous pre-Colombian cultures.

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